How do you use your time?

Laugh away baby. It’s a thousand percent true! You know that person in your life that always seems to get a ton of things accomplished in the same twenty-four hours you might as well of sleepwalked through? They don’t have some secret pass to stop time just to get more done and make people like you feel inadequate! They just manage their time wisely.
And guess what?!
So can you!! How? Well it’s the same way you manage anything! Want to see why you’re not losing weight? Write down what your eating so you can see all those extra calories you’re not considering. Want to know why your bank account is embarrassingly small? Well you would write your income and expenses down, right? So why not write down HOW YOU SPEND YOUR TIME?!

Try it! For one week, bare with me and log how you spend every hour of the day and then at the end of the week go back and look for “wasted” time. Anything you think could be a better use of your time and circle it. Now Write down all those things you’d LOVE to get done and start inserting them into those circles spots! Give it a shot. It can totally change the way you use your time. 😉