How to get back on track!


It happens to the best of us, we’re chugging along so well with our healthy habits, meditating, drinking our green juice , exercising regularly and then it happens, something crashes into our life like a ton of bricks and we are instantly off track! It could be for a bad reason like a break up, ill family member or just maybe a funk at work OR sometimes it’s even for a good reason, like you fell in love, are on vacation or have been going out with friends a lot but either way your wonderful HAPPY, HEALTHY routine is disturbed and you fall off course. Now, the first step to getting back on track is simple, realize you’ve fallen off track. Nope, this isn’t an AA meeting but it’s still the first step to solving any problem in your life, haha. So now that you’ve admitted that you’ve fallen off track, you’ve made the conscious decision to get back on track, let me take you through my personal steps to realigning your life!

1. FORGIVE YOURSELF. Get over it! It happened, maybe you gained 10lbs, maybe you lost your zen, whatever it is it is and you beating yourself up about it is helping NO ONE. So give it up! Whether you want to sit in a self-forgiveness meditation, envision yourself as a carefree child and heal yourself that way or you simply want to take a moment to yourself and tell that little voice in your head to shut the f**ck up – is totally up to you. Just accept that you are human, it’s not the end of the world and Cassandra is here to help.

2. ASSESS THE SITUATION. What happened? Why did you fall off track? Is it still going on or are you back to your regularly scheduled programming? If it’s over and done with, wooo hoo! I’m glad you had your fun and are ready to get back to the norm. If it’s still going on, you’re on a month long vaca, still in a new relationship or still dealing with grief, then you need to accept that this might be the normal for now and it’s time to get back to feeling good! Having a “splurge day” here and there is wonderful but when they start piling up one after another you will start feeling it’s effects on your system. No one wants to be sluggish, moody and heavier regardless of the situation. Getting back on track with your healthy habits will make you feel so much better!

3. GET MOVING. It’s not always easy to jump back into your old gym routine when you’ve been binging on junk food for days but even a long walk in the park will put you in a better place. Start off by doing your favorite version of working out. Mine is usually going to yoga class or just doing some yoga moves on my own and getting out in nature and doing some sort of cardio but you can do whatever appeals to you. As long as you start making an effort to get your body moving, give yourself a week or so to ween back into your usual exercise routine.

4. GO GREEN. Chances are your body is desperately missing some greens! We forget all about them when we fall off track and stop eating fresh foods from the earth and our body can’t help but feel the negative effects. Best thing you can do? Grab some green juice ASAP! If that’s too crazy for you, of course you can just start incorporating more green in to your plate but a nice juice is great because it gives you an insta-greenboost! Pledge to eat at least three green veggies a day and stick to it!!

5. COMMIT TO A ROUTINE. Now your moving, feeling better and getting some green in to you so take the final step and make a commitment to yourself to keep it up! It can be as small as promising to be active 30 minutes a day or a pledge to go to spinning class every morning and not eat processed foods. Listen to your body and decide what’s right for you. Big or small, making a promise to yourself will keep you on track and remind you to stay on track!

I certainly fell a bit off course while I was in LA. It was SO easy with most of my meals coming from whatever I could grab after filming and then wanting to indulge in “fat days” with the boys on the weekend but whenever I took a breather, got myself to the gym or found some green juice, I was instantly reminded of why I love my ‘normal routine’. I feel better, I’m happier and healthier when I’m putting good plant based foods in my body and meditating and exercising daily! I’m back on track and couldn’t be happier. I hope these steps help you, please feel free to comment below, I’d love to hear about your journey and what your biggest struggles for getting back in to your healthy habits have been!