What thoughts can you LET GO of?


I was reading yoga journal on the subway this morning and this quote really stuck out for me and I knew I needed to share it! A really amazing and eye opening exercise to try today is sitting down and jotting a list of “who you are”. Who do you say you are? What are your best qualities and what are your worst? Completely unfiltered and real, how do you define yourself? Go ahead, try it! No, really, stop reading this and grab a piece of paper or start writing in the notes app on your phone. Okay, once you’ve got the list, go through and circle or star any of the things that are not serving you. What on that list is getting in the way of the person you want to be?!

Guess what?

Those things you circled, THEY ARE NOT YOU. They are things you have decided about yourself! And the beauty of that is, now it’s time to go back and decide differently. So now return to that list and replace all those qualities that aren’t working for your life with ones that will. It’s that simple. All you have to do is change your mind and COMMIT to that. It’s a great practice to read these new qualities once a day or at times where you are struggling to stay connected with them so that slowly and surely they will be melded into who you have chosen to be.