What to do when your friends/family don’t support your new healthy choices

This post was inspired by one of my favorite people, Miss Gabby Bernstein. I was watching her lecture from Well +Good’s Summer of Miracles and someone stood up at the end and asked what to do about people in your life who don’t support your spiritual growth. Instantly I thought of Go Sweet and Skinny and how this same question is also pretty relevant to new healthy habits!

What do you do when your friends/family don’t support your new healthy, happy ways?!

Well, I know what your dealing with and boy, oh, boy, do I know that it’s not fun! You thinking running a happy, healthy living company would eliminate a lot of people who weren’t into that sort of thing from my life? Guess again. Whether it’s the health benefits of juicing or the importance of a plant based diet, I’ve experienced more than my fair share of naysayers.

The good news is that whether its your parents or spouse looking at you a little funny or your friends making there best attempts at squandering your health minded efforts, the answer is the same.

SHOW, DON’T TELL. (aka be the light house)

That’s right, the solution is to DO NOTHING. Don’t try to explain it to people who aren’t supporting you or genuinely curious. Just do your own thing and keep on your path to the happy, healthy life you are working towards! Why? Because nothing you say will work, but just wait till they start seeing how amazing your body looks, how your skin glows, they’ll want to know why you’re so happy and energized all the time. When they see the results of what your doing and how wonderful it has been for you, they will start asking and be listening with different ears. All of a sudden they will genuinely want to know what your doing. This might mean meeting certain friends for tea instead of dinner if they’ll be über critical of what you eat or simply just not offering up much of what your doing for your health to certain people. There’s no reason to make their negativity a part of your life, deep down you know you are doing something AMAZING for yourself and feeling better everyday.

So be the light house. Work on getting your fire burning bright and they will all come around in time. The best way to communicate our message is to LIVE IT everyday. Lead by example my lovely peeps!