Healthy Food Haul: Starbucks

Not everyone has the privilege of always having a juice bar or health food store near by every time there stomach grumbles and one of the most common questions I get from a lot of my coaching clients is,” what are some healthy options at places that are easy accessible to me?”. Well, get ready because I’ve decided to start doing healthy food hauls on some common spots so that you know what can be a “go-to” when you need to grab something “to-go”. ¬†A lot of the times when we’re out or traveling we can’t get something ideal but we CAN make the best choice of what’s available to us. It’s about doing the best you can in your situation and being gentle on yourself. ¬†Starbucks seems like one of those places that no matter where you are, you can usually find them, airports, highway rest stops, and every block in NYC, so that’s where I decided to begin! Enjoy this video where I show you how to find healthy food at Starbucks and let me know where you’d like me “haul” next!