How to let your life FLOW: my late night revelation for a 2015 full of ease, abundance and love.

It was late, I’m not wearing any make up but I had just had a major revelation for 2014 and I new I had to share it with you. All year I  have been getting little signs about “flow”. It started with quotes on instagram, then in a trip to the ocean, soon I received a beautiful mala from TinyDevotions in my signature turquoise color, I even picked out a card from a big deck at my branding specialists office that spoke about flowing and releasing expectations but it wasn’t till tonight after forgetting all that and allowing myself to be in the hurt box after an unsatisfactory situation that it really clicked. It’s all about allowing love, light, abundance to FLOW. Check out the video to hear about my revelation and how to let your life flow so that you can create the best year ever in 2015.

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