How to Quiet Your Mind

How to Quiet Your Mind

Ah, how to quiet the mind!? The number one response I get when I tell people that I’m a mediation and wellness guide is, “I’ve tried to meditate but I can never really quiet my mind”. Sound like a familiar sound bite? Well let me tell you that you CAN indeed quiet your mind, yes it can take a little practice, and you will have to work on it day after day but isn’t having a quiet mind something beyond worthy to work for?

When we quiet our mind we can hear our truth.

When we go behind all the noise, the “shoulds”, the “what ifs” and center into ¬†ourselves, we are able to connect with our inner guide or intuition. We have all the answers inside of us, we merely need to remove all the garbage we’ve thrown on top of them. This is why I became a meditation guide, this is why I wake up every morning and sit on my meditation pillow for 20 minutes and why I return back to that place of surrender and quiet whenever I need an answer to a question in my life. ¬†Meditating allows us to relax, release all the stress and strain we carry along with us through the day (and yes, even wake up with!) and it allows us to come home to ourselves, our love and light, our highest selves. So whether you meditate to clear your mind, for more focus, to relax or to be more productive, doesn’t really matter to me, it will help with it all, what matters is that you start! If only for a few minutes a day, take the time, listen to one of these guided meditations below and begin your journey to quieting your mind.

– A great morning meditation to start your day off right!

– A releasing, relaxing meditation for those days where you really need to let it go or unwind at night!

– A on the go meditation for when you’re at work or at the supermarket and you lose your cool.

Still saying to yourself that you don’t have enough time!? Too busy to meditate? Well check out this article on Well + Good this week about 7 busy women who ALWAYS make the time to meditate. Maybe it will give you just kick you need to get going!


A lot of times starting out can be the hardest part, taking that first leap, deciding what’s the best meditation to begin with and just committing to doing it. That’s why I offer EMERGEN-ZEN sessions, these sessions are great jumpstarts for your new meditation practice or powerful additions to an already regular practice when you’re yearning to go deeper and tackle the big stuff. Together we’ll talk about your personal situation, I ‘ll guide you through a couple meditations tailored to your needs, record them and send them to you so that you can keep up with it at home and discuss with you the homework you need to do on the day to day to keep your mind quiet and calm. Feel free to discover more about these sessions here or email me for full details and scheduling at