My weekend with Oprah (Part One)

My weekend with Oprah (Part One)

I  can’t even begin to divulge all the knowledge that was dropped on me this weekend. Two ladies who have been incredibly influential and inspiring along my journey, Oprah and Elizabeth Gilbert both in the same weekend. Mind blown. I’ve been so hyper and cracked out from all the excitement and inspiration flowing that I am most definitely a kid in a candy store right now despite being sugar free! haha At first my intention was to give you one big wrap up about the whole weekend but then I quickly realized when going through my notes that there was just too darn much to squeeze it all into one post, so you are getting THREE! This first one is my favorite highlights from my two power ladies, Oprah and Elizabeth Gilbert, the second one will be all about Deepak Chopra and the last will focus on Rob Bell and Iyania Vanzant so you are in for triple the treats!

For starters, the Elizabeth Gilbert quote above, how many of you are still waiting on something to begin your quest?! Are you consciously or unconsciously waiting for someone to come “save” you, for something to happen and make it all work? Well guess what? That’s a pretty boring story to live! Get out of the passenger’s seat of your life and hop on over to the driver’s seat because YOU decide where the car’s going! in other words, you can make a U-turn right now if you think you’re going down the wrong path.

Oprah and Elizabeth both talked a lot about listening to LIFE because it’s talking to you.

“ When things are out of balance and going wrong, it’s the universe’s way of saying you’re going the wrong way, you need to switch direction.” – Oprah

It starts off with a little whisper, a gentle nudge, “this might not be right.” or “do I really want this?” and then keeps escalating the longer you don’t listen. All of a sudden that whisper graduates to a siren and you are in full on crisis mode because you had been ignoring all the signs and the universe was forced to whip out the big guns so that you had no choice but to listen! This is what often happens when we have a total breakdown in one area of our life. However, if we start paying attention to what “life”, “spirit” or our “inner guide” is trying to tell us, whatever you want to call that energy force, we can get on the right path long before it gets to be a real problem.

Elizabeth Gilbert talked a lot about the hero’s journey and going on our own hero’s journey or soul quest as women even though Joseph’s Campbell was all about a man. We are not the damsel in distress that the hero saves along his journey, WE ARE THE HERO, we do not need saving! The moment you decide to be your own hero as a woman, your whole life changes!

The story of your life is far more interesting when you decide to be your own hero.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

So be BOLD, be BRAVE, write your own story and stand in your power. You can paint the picture that your life with look like. The time is now, we are guaranteed only this very moment, so what are we waiting for?

One of my favorite Buddha quotes, “The problem is, you think you have time.”

Get going now. You can start taking forward action right now, today. How can you start answering your calling? How can you make progress to the life you want? If you need help with this, don’t shy away from asking for guidance! Email me at  and request a breakthrough session, in only 30 minutes we can get you off in the direction of your dreams and towards the life you want!

oprahquote This next quote that really struck a powerful cord with me is all about the energy you put out into the world based on your intentions. This is a concept I’ve been working with a lot of my clients on recently.


What kind of energy are you bringing? Ever had a friend meet up with you for lunch and you instantly know they’re going to give you bad news because of how it feels just being in their presence? Yup, you give off those vibes too when you are in a negative place about a situation.

Good news is that you can also bring positive, love energy to every situation and encounter you have! You can literally transform your life by simply minding the intentions you hold in any encounter. Before you go into a meeting, a date, a phone call with a family member, the gym, just take a minute and check your intention! Are you going in with love or fear? A good little reality check is to think “if everyone in this room could hear my thoughts, would this be a good experience?”

One of the lessons in A Course in Miracles is “No thoughts are private thoughts” and while it may not be true that everyone in that room can hear your exact thoughts, you best believe they can feel the energy your giving off because of them so choose your thoughts carefully!

I’m working on this with one of my clients right now that’s going on job interviews and I’m having her visualize her intended outcome for every meeting. And you know if you can’t fully believe that you’re going to get the job or whatever it may be, THAT’S OKAY! Just set a positive intention for the experience, ie. we have a great conversation and both leaving with a smile on our face or to share my love for my work and connect with him.

I also talk a lot about this concept with my clients who are dating, you don’t have to go in to every date with the intention of “he’s going to fall in love with me and we’re going to get married”, it doesn’t have to be that serious! Set the intention to have fun, to laugh, to brighten their day and they’ll feel that warmth and want more of it! Start today and think about all the little encounters in your day that you can transform simply by co-creating your experience with the energy of your intentions!

Comment below and let me know about how you were able to BEGIN and step into your hero shoes or how you were able to transform a situation with the energy of your intention! I’d love to hear from you! xoxo!