14 days of positive change

14 days of positive change

Wow, 14 days of positive shifts flew by with you guys and I am so grateful to all of you who participated in the #MyPositiveChange challenge with myself and Aura Cacia and shared your thoughts and pictures with us as you tackled each day’s challenge. It’s so often that we overlook the small shifts we can make each day towards living a life that truly LIGHTS us up and I hope you all experienced things getting a little brighter each day as you incorporated each new task. For those of you who weren’t able to join us or who maybe started late into the challenge, here’s a recap of the 14 days of positive shifts! The challenge may be over but these positive changes are evergreen!

DAY 1: Skip Snooze. Make the most of your morning by taking those extra 5-15 minutes to spend some time meditating, journaling or even just giving yourself a moment with your tea to slowly take in the start of your day.


DAY 2: Practice Gratitude. Enough said. Take a few minutes and list the things in your life you are grateful for. Better yet, enter the day with the attitude of gratitude. 

DAY 3: Sleep Easy. How do you make sure to wind-on properly? For me it’s a nice lavender bubble bath from Aura Cacia, meditating and journaling. Create your own night time routine for a deeper slumber and easier time falling asleep.

DAY 4: Move Around. Pick something your body loves and get active, whether it’s yoga or kick boxing, just get your body moving in a way that feels fun!

DAY 5: Clean Green. Switch out those harmful, chemical filled products for simple, organic cleaners like white wine vinegar, lemon pieces, and essential oils.


DAY 6: Treat Yourself. And that doesn’t mean a sundae! Find some time to do something for you – let it be relaxing, rejuvenating and make you feel like a million bucks. This poolside lounging by @rebs_fit looks like the perfect treat!


DAY 7: Shop Smart. Bring your own bags, shop locally and organic. Support local farmers with your dollar and your body by eating seasonally.

DAY 8: Commute Calmly. Deep breathes on the way to work, relaxing music and perhaps some lavender essential oil near by? How can you find more calm in your commute?

DAY 9: Get Balanced. Eating nourishing food, making time for your meditation or giving yourself enough me-time, what can you do to add balance into your life? Love this idea for painting from @new.englander  – honing my artsy side always makes me feel more balanced too!


DAY 10: Snack Smart. Duh! Let your food LIGHT you up! Snack on nutritious foods that will help fuel your day – like this yummy sweet pea, basil and mint spread on toast by @hintofgreens.


DAY 11: Nourish Skin. Taking care of your skin is an all around job, it means not only giving yourself the nourishment and self-care to have healthy skin but also taking great care of what products you are going to put on it. Only the best! 


DAY 12: Seek Inspiration. Inspiration is everywhere, you only need to tune yourself into it! When you make the conscious choice for inspiration, you also make the choice to do things that ar more expansive for your soul. I’m with @mrssariag23 in finding loads of inspiration in A Course in Miracles and fun, inspirational card decks!


DAY 13: Cut Caffeine. A biggie but a goodie. Cutting caffeine, even by swapping out just one coffee a day for some herbal tea or hot water with lemon can help you get back in tune with your body’s natural energy supply.


DAY 14: Spread Love.


Today is the final day of the #mypositivechange challenge and we’re ending it with #spreadLOVE! There are so many ways we can spread love every day but I want to chat about entering each interaction in our day with the energy and intention of love. Whether it’s the guy on line in front of you for a bagel this morning or your partner, your parent, everyone including YOURSELF. Are you going about your day and your interactions with love for yourself as well as others? This doesn’t mean you have to DO anything specifically or have some sort of plan, you can simply set the intention to bring the love with every interaction and allow yourself to be guided to the right actions. It can be as simple and as powerful as entering each conversation from a place of love. So go ahead my loves and #spreadlove today and everyday. Xo, C ✨#LightMaker

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I’m so grateful to all of you who participated as well as my fabulous co-host Aura Cacia. Find out more about the all the beautiful essential oils Aura Cacia offers here and follow them on instagram and Facebook. Please take it upon yourself to challenge yourself to make small shifts for positive change far beyond our challenge!