Creating from your SOUL (Interview with the founders of Soul Camp)

I’m super excited to share this high-vibe interview with you guys! Michelle Goldblum and Ali Leipzig, the founders of Soul Camp, are two women who instantly come to my mind when I think about entrepreneurs creating from a place of LOVE, so it was totally serendipitous that our interview ended up on the New Moon in Leo which kicked off a power surge for us all of heart-centered creation energy.

Watch the interview and hear their answers to how they turned a brilliant idea to a thriving business, the daily rituals that keep them in a state of JOY and how they tackle the ups and downs that inevitably come from running your own business. We also gush about Soul Camp, an adult sleep away camp where you go to relax, reboot, reconnect and to find your soul friends. I had the most marvelous and transformative experience last year as an instructor and can’t wait to go back again this year and lead more workshops at Soul Camp West.

If you want to find out more about Soul Camp, you can visit the website here or feel free to leave comments on YouTube under the video and we will answer any of your questions.

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