Should you quit SUGAR?

In this interview, I talk sugar with Elisa Haggarty, functional nutritionist and founder of Culinary Farmacy. Both of us share their experience “quitting sugar” and the different questions and struggles that pop up along the way. If you have been feeling like quitting sugar might be beneficial for your health (or your sanity) you definitely want to give this watch.

If you are curious about the Sugar Cleanse mentioned in the video, please see the information below:

On September 1st the 22 Day Sugar Cleanse begins! Join this dynamic community and never diet again! You will learn how to “upgrade” your favorite meals, form new habits and learn how to be in dialogue with your body. Get expert guidance by Functional Nutritionist & Lifestyle Expert, Elisa Haggarty and learn how to create your new normal around food today!

Don’t forget to mention that you heard about it from this interview. :)