A PSA About Hiring a Life Coach (or Business Coach)

A PSA About Hiring a Life Coach (or Business Coach)

Hello my loves,

This is one of those posts, I almost hate that I have to write but I could not resist. As many of you know, I got my start coaching pretty organically after running a successful blog, putting my life on the interwebs and having people genuinely wanting to work with me to help them. It was never some sort of business scheme to make a lot of money, it was quite honestly, a total surprise to me that I so effortlessly stepped into the role and truly loved what I was able to contribute to these ladies’ growth. In the past year or so, I stepped away from working one on one with people in as great of a capacity because of some strong negative feelings surrounding the coaching industry.

I would get sick to my stomach watching these coaches promise things they couldn’t even deliver for themselves and charging out-of-this-world prices for it. EVEN WORSE, bullying you if you didn’t find it reasonable to dive in for 10k or 20k a month!

I became so disgusted by some of my so-called colleagues that I had to go do some deep re-evaluation of if I even wanted to have any part in the industry. 

Once I put the question on the table and opened myself up to seeing it in more depth, it was heart wrenching the stories that serendipitously ended up in front of my face. Stories of coaches who used intro calls to find someone’s tender spots and then pressed on them when it came time for payment, leaving these ladies feeling like if they didn’t cough up thousands of dollars they were “succumbing to the fears that were holding them back”. Gross. Gross. Gross.

I met a woman who “found” her coach because she kept on reaching out to her on facebook insisting on a free call and then once she took her up on it made her feel like she had to give her credit card before they got off the phone or she would lose the “special rate”. She told me that she told her coach in the first couple sessions that she would never want to get clients the way her coach got her because ‘it didn’t feel good”.

I had to break the bad news to her, if her coach knew ANY other way to naturally attract clients she wouldn’t have used those methods. She can’t teach what she doesn’t know.

Even writing about those few examples has my heart pumping and my eyes tearing. I want to take so many of these women in my arms and say, “It’s okay — you were hoodwinked. You were vulnerable and someone took advantage of you. It is NOT your fault that you fell for their low vibrational ways. Hold yourself through it and stand on the knowledge you NOW have about what you want and what you don’t.”

Here’s a vlog I made on the subject about how you can tell if a coach is right for you and some red alerts to look out for when it comes to those to avoid:

So now you know how to have your full wits about you while deciding who you want to work with as a coach. But is hiring a coach even the right move for you? Here’s another vlog I made on this topic, if you are not 100% sure you are ready to be working with someone or if you are having second thoughts.

So how did it end for me? What conclusion did I come to after almost a year of reflection and inner work around this topic as well as some VERY HEALING purging exercises of the anger I have towards some of the people who I see out there doing this?

I realized that I needed to be the presence of the alternative. The answer to the presence of the negative is not to hide, run away or disassociate, although I have compassion for myself for needing to go through that journey to be able to come back in full integrity and feel aligned again, THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS TO BE THE PRESENCE OF THE POSITIVE. TO BRING THE LIGHT TO THE DARKNESS INSTEAD OF RUNNING AWAY FROM WHAT’S TURNED DARK.

So for the first time, in quite a bit for me I am full force back and opening my doors to new coaching clients for both one on one sessions and my six-month Practical Magic Mentorship. AND I’m going to keep doing it my way, by putting out good content, by sharing my life and who I am authentically and allowing the people I can truly serve to come to me. I am going to be teach my soul-centered business clients and practical magic mentees the same thing, that they can have a THRIVING, ABUNDANT business without doing something that feels gross, without compromising their integrity. I’m going to shine even brighter because we have a lot of darkness to dissipate in this industry and I won’t let it push me out. I’m excited to build a little “army” of soul-centered lady bosses who are showing the presence of the positive, leading from the feminine, from their heart and creating flourishing business regardless of what industry they are in but especially if they are coaches, teachers, leaders, and aren’t we all always all of that at the end of the day?

Thank you for letting me share this with you. It was heavy on my heart and it means the world to me that I have a safe place with you beautiful beings to share my truth. Please comment below or in the youtube videos and let me know your thoughts and feelings on all of this and of course, if you’d like to join my tribe in being the presence of the alternative, you can check out my mentorship options here, I can’t wait to work with some of you on a much deeper level.

All of my love,