Full Moon in Scorpio: Stepping into Your Personal Power + Being Present

Full Moon in Scorpio: Stepping into Your Personal Power + Being Present

Hey guys!

Thought I would try something new and actually write a little Moon blog for everyone — if you like this and want more, please comment below and let me know so I can decide whether or not to keep doing it!


Scorpio goes deep, it’s our subconscious, those deep, deep desires, the things that stir in the depths of our soul. The themes that are coming up for me (intuitively) around this full moon are personal power and staying present on our journey. This week has some pretty powerful astrological events going on and while I am NOT an astrologer, I love being a translator, think of me as your friend who dorks out on astrology for you and runs it through her own filter before giving you the low-down. One of the things that peaked my interest this week while listening to David Palmer’s forecast was that this is a week of breakthrough and conception. We have the opportunity this week to see an old version of our world crumble down around us, which can be painful but is always for the best and makes way for this new path of what we deeply align with to rise up.

So what’s that thing that you truly want from the bottom of your heart? 

Oftentimes, it’s not what other people want for you, in fact, it could be something that other people will actually NOT want for you. You will almost certainly meet resistance. You may lose some people in your life who don’t want to support this new endeavor or path but that’s just part of life and growing.

Your task is to check in with YOURSELF, run it through your own intuitive wisdom and make sure this is something you want to sign up with for the long-haul and not a quick fix or ‘fling’. 

One of my favorite ways to do this is to talk to your body. Your body is deeply connected to your soul and can be a divine translator for you to hear your inner guidance and your soul’s voice. Use it. The meditation below will get you into a juicy, loving place of gratitude with your body and then I invite you to ask the deep questions. Put one hand on your heart and one hand on your navel and just talk to your body — like you are talking to a confidante, or a mentor, or me! Pause. Listen for what comes up, journal for what comes up. If you need help going deeper or more guidance on being able to do this, watch the Aprecity.com Full Moon in Scorpio workshop or you can book a one on one with me and I will walk you through the entire process.



The other theme I feel like is going to come up as we embark on our latest adventure is staying present and taking it day by day. Fear is inevitable, resistance is inevitable, our own self-sabotaging patterns love it when we get excited about something so our challenge is to stay with the “what is”, and climb the mountain one rock at a time.

This past weekend in Arizona, I climbed a mountain with some of my girlfriends one morning and I was so unprepared for it. I love hiking in L.A. so I thought it would be the same thing but this baby was no joke. Every time I looked up at how far I still had to go to make it to the top I would be hit with a wave of, “how the eff am I going to do this?”, I would notice how exhausted I was, how much my thighs hurt, you get the picture. However, I quickly learned to stop focusing on the top, to just focus on the few rocks in front of me I had to scale, just make it up this next path to a safe spot and then the next patch and before you know it I was up there at the top. 

Life is a lot like that mountain. It’s great to set our sights on where we are going, to know our goal but then it’s each day to day accomplishment that gets us there. Similarly, in 12 step programs they tell you to focus on just not drinking today, not over eating today, just make it today — don’t worry about forever because forever is comprised of a ton of todays. Forever or that big dream can feel heavy, can induce fear, but if you break it down to the day by day and stay present to just whats right ahead of you — you will scale that mountain.

Of course more riffing on this, guided meditations and tools in my Moon Workshops and personal sessions. Watch online by joining Aprecity.com and get access to full moon + new moon workshops every month, join me in person at Unplug Meditation in L.A. or schedule a one on one with me to dive even deeper.




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