I’ve been scared to talk about this

I’ve been scared to talk about this

Hello my loves,

Somethings been weighing on me for a bit now, I’ve felt like I wasn’t being totally transparent with you and it wasn’t from a place of consciously lying about anything but I had been dodging and dancing around certain questions since “Eat with Intention” came out last year. Of course, this weekend being not only the full moon in Gemini (pushing all of us to stand in and communicate the truth of who we are) but also the Design Your Life weekend with Laurie Gerber of Handel Group where I’ve been learning a lot of the not so obvious ways we lie to ourselves and others (talk about ah-ha moments), this came so powerfully to the surface to be cleared.

I don’t want any secrets between us. Full transparency equals total freedom for me. It simultaneously allows me to be 100% myself and for you to decided if that’s someone you are aligned with. It’s been scary for me to come straight out with this because, to be totally honest, I hate people not liking me. However, I’m learning more and more how important these difficult conversations are and I’m refusing to let that fear get in between me being fully who I am and being integrity with my personal truth in any moment.

The intention of this video is to clear up any confusion around my eating habits and beliefs in order to create a space of full transparency between me and you. I talk about food, are relationship to it as well as listening to our body’s wisdom and honoring our personal truth  a lot, so it felt needed to put this all out on the table. Our relationship is so sacred to me and I promise to be this upfront continuously going forward and call myself out when I sense I am dodging a particular subject.

I hope you can forgive me.

I hope there is something in this video that resonates with you. Please watch it till the end.

And if not, that’s okay too. I am not open or available for any cruel comments, only love is accepted in the comment box. Unsubscribes or unfollows are a much more graceful way to handle your disagreement. I send you love regardless of your thoughts of me.

As for me, I’m going to keep standing in the truth of where I’m at right now, loving myself with all my imperfections and pushing through any fears that stop me from me doing either of the aforementioned.

All my love,



  • Katelyn Warren

    I absolutely love what you had to say! Thank you for taking on the courage to share your truth. I think it is so perfect. Everybody’s body is different and has different needs. Some people thrive on a fully vegan diet and some people might have different needs. But it all comes back to listening to your body and what’s best.

    Thank you for your vulnerability and not stepping over this. You are bigger and brighter for doing so and inspire the rest of us!

  • Filipa Ventura

    So glad you brought this up lovely! I feel the exact same way about my eating habits and sharing them with the world and even with any subject in general as I have the same fear of not being liked or of being judge or disappoiting to anyone.
    Sending you all the love, so glad you’re being clear, honoring yourself and setting yourself free. And please know that you are loved for who you are! <3

  • Nicole

    Oh my gosh girl, I am so sorry that you’ve gone through this in the past. As a fellow IIN grad, I believe in bioindividuality wholeheartedly, and teach my clients and students that they don’t have to subscribe to one particular “diet” or way of eating, and that we should all eat intuitively. I think your book perfectly describes how to truly eat with intention, and that’s something that many people need right now. I myself am mostly plant based, but I do eat eggs pretty much every day and will have fish or burgers, and I think that if that works for you there is nothing wrong with that! I appreciate the vegan recipes in your cookbook (because they are delicious!) and I think that you should also feel good about maybe sharing the other healthy things you’re eating even if they aren’t vegan. Give people the options. This was a long comment, but I just want you to know I support you, and am sending so much love!