I T’ S  N O T  I M P O R T A N T where you’re at. It’s where you are r e a d y to go. Maybe you’re a kundalini addict, a green juice toting girl boss or someone who’s never stepped foot inside a yoga class, let alone meditated. Somehow you ended up right here, so it’s perfect. You were lead here for a reason. You are ready for a shift, you know there’s something better. You’re done with the hustle, with the stress and anxiety and you are ready to sail on to peaceful abundant waters. You want to go deeper, connect more consistently and find out the truth of who you are. That’s where I can come in, I’m here to help guide you to more deeply connect with your highest self (the loving, guiding voice inside) as well as the Universe, God, your angels, ascended masters, or past lives to assist you in gaining more clarity, ease, happiness and heart centered direction while removing the blocks that are getting in the way of you living a life you’re in love with. Let’s begin.

‘Heart to Heart’ – intuitive breakthrough session
This deep dive session is an intimate hour long conversation where we can immerse ourselves in a soulful conversation about whatever is coming up for you right now. This session is an all access pass to my intuitive channel to connect with your higher self, angels or guides as well as, of course, my knowledge base on anything from your love life to your business or your body. Choose to zero in on one subject or hit a few through out the hour –it’s your session to curate what you need right now. All sessions begin with an energy clearing and guided meditation to gain greater clarity and center in to your highest self for our time together. Available via skype, phone or in person in LA. Book below and schedule your appointment here. You will be sent an invoice once your appointment is scheduled.

Body Wisdom Intensive session
This session is for you if you deeply resonate with my work with “Eat with Intention”, if you are ready to FINALLY have a loving relationship with your body, stop compulsively eating on auto pilot, put an end to emotional binges or periods of restriction and once and for all make PEACE with food and your body. Maybe you want to lose weight, maybe you just want the freedom of not being on a different diet, detox, or cleanse every week. You want your sanity back. In this session I will help you tune into YOUR body to find what it’s REALLY craving and help you along the path to food + body FREEDOM, On-going sessions avail after our initial appoitnment. Available via skype, phone or in person in LA. Book below and schedule your appointment here. You will be sent an invoice once your appointment is scheduled.

Soul Centered Business Mastermind session
This session is for you if you have your heart set on created a business you LOVE, that truly LIGHTS you up along with doing good in the world. It’s for those of you who are not feeling a lot of the “online marketing formulas” out there, who don’t feel comfortable being ‘salesy’ but still have a strong desire to get your work and message out in the world (and be ABUNDANT while doing it). If you are ready to be a living example of what success and prosperity look like while enjoying your life, your work and doing it on YOUR terms in ways that feel good to YOUR soul, then this is the session for you. We’ll tap into the areas of your business that need some love, create a both practical and magical action plan and I’ll give you all my inside tips on how I created a business, got a book deal and ended up on TV from ATTRACTING it and not being pushy, salesy or ‘hustling’. On-going sessions avail after our initial appoitnment. Available via skype, phone or in person in LA. Book below and schedule your appointment here. You will be sent an invoice once your appointment is scheduled.

Long Term “PRACTICAL MAGIC” Mentorship
I created this program when someone sat me down and asked me, “if you had to condense everything you’ve learned up until this point into 6 months to give someone the most powerful transformation possible — what would you do each week?” The question struck me like lightning and I literally stayed up all night writing out each and every week, what topics we would discuss, what homework I would assign, etc, to make sure that they had as many tools as possible to really step into the next level of their life. It was electrifyingly exciting just seeing it all on paper. The only thing more incredible was watching my first few clients walk through the process with me. The way I see mentorship, is like having a guide that holds the light for you and walks besides you as you navigate the dark (often twisty) inner journey of your soul. That doesn’t just end in a month or two — this life is a JOURNEY. It’s not about some quick fix that’s not going to truly root down in your psyche– it’s about giving you the foundational tools to better navigate your life every step of the way and with whatever crazy circumstances arise along the path and holding the space for them to truly intergrate. Which is exactly what my spiritual mentorship is. I’m a big sister, a guide, a coach, a teacher — our relationship grows and evolves as we get to know each other. I am NOT your guru and I have no interest in being such, my intention is restore all your personal power back to it’s rightful owner, YOU. My job is merely being the catalyst to your unfolding, your awakening, you becoming the brightest, realest, most joyful YOU possible. I’m here to speed up the process, to help confirm those sneaking suspicions in your soul, to show you how to connect deeper than ever, to open portals to new worlds, possibilities and realizations.Because of the nature and depth of my mentorship program, I only accept 4 clients at any given time. To schedule your initial qualification interview, click here to answer a few questions and book your 15-min call for us to decide if we are a good fit for on-going mentorship. ** Curious what happened to my “spiritual business coaching”? Well it’s all the same. Your work is part of the journey, following your soul’s mission is also part of the journey. Women who come to me for business coaching end up receiving and thriving due to the same spiritual mentorship. If your business is front and center in your life right now, we will undoubtedly be working a lot on that. And if you are wondering about my LIGHT-filled business online program, you can read all those details here.

W H A T   P E O P L E   A R E   S A Y I N G

Cassandra’s strengths include patience, enthusiasm, authenticity, but most of all, her strength as a life coach is listening. She asks just the right questions to get a response during coaching sessions that moves the conversation forward, and it’s clear from the advice she gives that she really listened. Her life coaching empowers those seeking a voice. She creates the sacred, silent space for her clients’ voices to grow.”- Lauren Takores”I love working with Cassandra as my business coach. Through her guidance and clarity, I have been able to bust through some major blocks! Her compassion as a coach has helped me move forward as a women’s empowerment coach!” – Vanessa Barrios

“Cassandra is one rockin’ chick! We connected right away and it was a totally fulfilling back and forth time of two like-minded badass entrepreneurs vibing away off each other! Cassandra is so insightful and understands exactly what you’re saying. To have someone who gets that right away is so powerful. She has smart, self-love based suggestions and knows exactly how to cater them to your own specific situation. I’m so glad we’ve connected and I can’t wait for more magic with each other both personally and professionally!” – Abigail Cooper

“Especially during times of crisis, Cassandra’s coaching helps me find my center and connect to a place where I can fully accept the moment and see the light.
Rossella Rago

” Cassandra is such an inspiring and helpful coach. Not only is she well educated on the topic of health, self-care and all things about being happy, she’s also down to earth in a sense where she knows there is no such thing as perfect, and we’re only human. She will mentor you in the right direction with a positive attitude. She never judges and always understands. She has shown me that health and happiness are a way of life, a choice we have to make everyday and with time and routine, it will become instinct. Most importantly, she practices what she preaches, which proves her loyalty to being health conscious but still being able to live a little!”
Katelyn O’Friel

I have nothing but positive things to say about Cassandra, she is truly amazing and I feel so grateful that I was able to work with her. With her support she helped me to heal myself through meditation and lifestyle changes. She is so kind, understanding, and personable and created a safe space where I was able to share and get myself well. I have struggled with undiagnosed stomach issues and Cassandra was the first to explore alternative issues, other than food. After working with her, I am feeling much better physically and I am in a much happier space. I am so thankful for everything she has done for me and for how she has empowered me to heal myself. If you are debating working with her, do it! I promise you won’t regret it.
Rebecca Theissen

I want to thank you so much for recharging me, inspiring me and supporting me. I truly appreciate it and really it’s crazy how much I changed and grew in the sessions I had with you.
Emily Baker

Cassandra is the light that everyone wants and needs in their life. I was stuck unhappy with my current life and career, which came out in my eating habits and Cassandra helped inspire me. I was gaining weight due to medications I had been on for several months from a previous car accident injury but my diet and stress levels weren’t helping the cause. I was stuck and didn’t know what to do. Cassandra lit a fire inside me and helped motivate me and see clearly what I needed to do to make the kind of progress I was searching for. I am starting to take the steps to my new life and it’s all thanks to her.
Dana Rose

I love working with Cassandra. She helps me see the beauty and light that surround me. She is simply doing what she is meant to do, guiding us all to do the same. It’s a beautiful thing.
Stephanie Hunter

Once we decided to start the season off with our managing team in alignment, we spoke about our goals with Cassandra. The team meditation we had lead by her was incredibly invigorating. She helped to customize our meditation to be intricate and mindful, while still letting everyone take time to revel in their individual experiences. At the end, Cassandra lead us in a group discussion, let us open up about our meditation, and gave us some tips on to how we can use what we did that day, daily. We laughed, and we cried, with the best intentions.
Giuseppe Maione of Alchemy Creamery on his corporate meditation session.